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Why Feed LONGfibe® Forage Cubes?

Consistent Quality

Grown and produced in
Canada under strict controls, MAAAX® Equine Feed Products provide consistent quality nutrition all year long.

Guaranteed Nutrient Content

Every MAAAX® bag comes with a guaranteed analysis of nutrient composition. Hay varies flake to flake, bale to bale.

Convenient, Convenient, Convenient

MAAAX® products are an effective way to monitor feed rations and are easy to handle, store and transport.

Better Grain Intake

MAAAX® cubes encourage healthy appetites in stressed and fussy horses by increasing available fibre intake.

Virtually Dust Free

MAAAX® Equine Feed reduces the risk of respiratory problems.

Virtually No Wastage

Every cube is consumed whereas hay can end up as very expensive bedding.

More Energy

MAAAX® Equine Feed cubes contain up to 50% more digestible energy than even the best quality hay.

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